High Yield Investment and Partnerships


High Yield Investments and Partnership Opportunities

Gotham Collection Services Corp offers clients the opportunity to invest in upcoming national debt purchases either on a high yield return or partnership arrangement.

To assure quality and maximize recovery, each potential portfolio is carefully analyzed and scored through our due diligence department and independent and outside firms. The portfolios may be liquidated at any time since they are purchased at deep discounts. Gotham Collection Services carries a Multi Million Dollar Error and Omissions liability insurance policy against any claim at all times.

If you do not fully understand the information, please seek advice from a licensed financial planner or your counsel.

We are always looking for opportunities to identify and augment the value in consumer asset portfolios. If you are interested in creating new financial options for yourself or your firm, contact our Business Development team at: info@gothamdebtservices.com or call (516) 482-3210.